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'What others are saying about this album'......

"Remembering Del Shannon” arrived in yesterday’s mail….sooner than I had expected.

I gave it a “first listen” on this morning’s commute to work, as there was no time last night. I had just enough time to listen to the entire CD

I believe that you can justly say “Mission accomplished !” It’s a wonderful tribute, and the selection of songs was well thought out.

Despite the strong themes of sadness which characterized most of his songs, his records were so full of energy and passion, and I think you’ve captured that essence very nicely.

Del’s music has been one of the cornerstones of my life for 53+ years, now. I can no more imagine my life without the steadfast presence of his music, than I can imagine it without my parents of friends.

Thank you for so wonderfully honoring my all-time favorite singer-songwriter, and his unique musical legacy. Like his contemporary, Roy Orbison, and all other truly great artists, Del never sounded like anybody except himself. His songs were uniquely his own, just as were those of Roy Orbison, The Beatles and a select few others. And the best of those songs are truly timeless…as fresh and invigorating today, as they were half a century ago.

I don’t know whether these comments may be of any value, from a standpoint of publicizing your work, but please feel free to use them if you would like to. I am DEL-ighted with “Remembering Del Shannon” !


Jim Bartlett,

Millersville, Maryland (USA)


Dear Peter,

Thanks for sending me your wonderful CD. I have already played it a few times and here is my review:

"He's done it again!

Following on from his tremendous dedications to Elvis, Billy Fury and Roy Orbison, Peter turns his attention to Del Shannon and delivers a dignified, heartfelt,respectful, nay overwhelming, tribute. You can feel the love he has for Del in every note he plays.

I well remember, as a teenager, hearing Del's Runaway for the first time on Radio Luxembourg. It stopped me in my tracks, took my breath away and still does in 2014. What a sound, what a singer, what a song, what a fabulous record. From that moment I bought every one of Del's records as soon as they came out without even hearing them. I knew what magic to expect in those grooves and was never ever disappointed. The B sides of the singles were invariably as good as the A sides. My own favourites of all time are Kelly, Sue's Gotta Be Mine and I Go To Pieces (which was later recorded by Peter And Gordon at the height of the British group era and well worth a listen).

I was later privileged to see Del live in Hamburg and I can honestly say it was the best live show I have ever see. No chat, no corny jokes, just two hours of superb music.

Now Peter Williams has made this great CD which none of Del's fans or 50s and 60s music should be without in their collection. Peter does his unique versions of Del's songs while always acknowledging the great man himself.Del's fans, family and friends can be proud of this wonderful tribute by Peter Williams. His voice is truly his guitar.

What will Peter come up with next? I am constantly surprised by his exquisite taste and choice of material. I am sure his versions of Rick Nelson, Jim Reeves, Fats Domino, The Everly Bothers and The Fleetwoods would be fantastic. They are just waiting for the PW treatment. Take your time, though, Peter. Let us all sit back enjoy this most beautiful Del Shannon album.

Thank you for the music, Peter."

Kindest Regards,




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